Episode Six – Live!

R.M. O’Brien reads two of his poems: “Power” and “Increasingly Virtual Worlds,” accompanied by Ryan Syrell on saxophone.




After realizing that his highly visual performance wouldn’t work for a radio show, video artist Alan Resnick opted to tell a story and read his play “Puma Day Panther Day.”


Also, playwright Lola Pierson tells us about when she learned to type–and used her new skill to send a death threat. Plus, catch the second installment of sci-fi adventure series The Cusp of Tomorrow.

And finally, we interview Baltimore rapper Height about his side project Shark Tank, a collaboration with Lord Grunge and B. Rich. The live show was also a release party for their second album, Fun Youngs, and we’ve got a couple tracks for you to enjoy.

Episode Five

Episode Five by 1000Fathoms


Everything is awesome about Everything is Terrible. Erin and Ben talk with part of the team about their show.

Brian Durel brings us an important comic.

Producer Katherine Gorman talks with Julian Vu, the man behind Mirepoix.

Amy Harmon tells us what Charles Manson means Rachel Monroe



Our intrepid nameless reporting team does some, ahem, deep research. The take Away? No one succeeds when a CAT scan is involved.


We hear Matt Purdy’s Third Coast Short Docs winning piece, The (Biycle)Chain of Missing Links. It was part of a competition where each entry had to include specific sounds.

And Kat Speiss reads us her work, My Dear Old Friend


Episode Four



We hear a story about trying to fully understand the person you are with, and helping them be who they want to be, even if it might take you away from them.


We have chats with and hear some delightful music from Which Magic (with drumming by Faith Bocian). She tells us about getting through her toughest shows, using human equipment. (Ew! No! Not like that!)



Nick Yribar reads us one of his stories. It’s about selling your girlfriend to the devil (it’s up to you to decide the shocking part of that sentence, selling your girlfriend or the devil. We can’t make up our minds). You can read more from Nick in Glimmer Train.



Brian Durel brings us another startling insight into the work of Dina Kelberman in: Important Comics.



Andrew Livingston brings us a conCERNing story. (See what we did there? Clever, clever, clever.)




Chuck Green and Connor Kizer bring us the first installment of “The Cusp of Tomorrow,” with John Marra, Shannon Hadley, and Christopher Krysztofiak.

Episode Three

Early on in his musical career, Dan Deacon set out with musicians Height and Mickey Free on a cross-country tour. Unfortunately, their car broke down, halting the trip halfway through. Dan decided to finish on his own. Via bus. If you want to hear some of the music he released on that tour, fear not. Carpark Records released those early recordings this past fall.

Writer Mike Pielocik knows what it’s like to be in love. Not hearts and flowers and unicorns, but what it’s really like to be in love. He brings us a love letter that is very, very honest. You can read more of his hilarity on his twitter feed.

Recorded by Adam Grass.

Standup Comedian Dorian Gray knows the secret to keeping women at bay. He revealed his technique at Wham City Comedy Night.

Since 2006, Baltimore band the Creepers (Connor Kizer and Adam Endres) have been making music from the heart. Unfortunately, their brand of honesty tends to make people feel uncomfortable. And swoony, somehow…

Live recordings from their recent show at Bohemian Coffee House provided by Drew Swinburne.

In “The Vampire,” Adam Endres and Ed Schrader play a vampire and a human. They live in a town with a population of two, and they have to do everything for each other. Including provide the food…


Recorded by Jon Ehrens.

Brian Durel brings a comic drawn by Dina Kelberman. This week’s comic is Modern Probs.

Episode Two: The Day Job


Erin collects voice mails about shredding dreams and being way, way too comfortable at job interviews.


Aaron Henkin of The Signal tells a story at The Stoop about almost being able to quit his pizza job as a nineteen-year-old.


Electronic musician and globe trotting teacher, Shelby Bryant, shares his music and a story about getting a job in another country (oh, and he almost gets eaten by a lion.)


Daniel Kibblesmith welcomes his future intern into the world of business with A Letter to My Unborn Intern. 

Brian Durell brings us an Important Comic by Dina Kelberman.


Connor Kizer and Mason Ross bring to light the work politics of two inanimate objects in Dishtowel and Wineglass.



Plus Mary Jo Pehl tells us about being the best temp you can be

Episode One: Missed Connections

Mini Toasts Weekly How do you get your neighbors to talk to you? Why, make up a giant corporation of course! Dina Kelberman talks about her stint as the president, founder and proud member of Mini Toasts Weekly.

A Family Affair What happens when you write about characters who are real people? What happens when those real people find out? We hear Ed Schrader’s story about when he tried it and his characters found out.

Musical Guest: Future Islands we hear some tracks from their latest ablum, On the Water performed live at the Sound Garden in Baltimore. Then they sit down with us to tell us a story about a missed connection with the spirit world.

Important Comics This episode’s Important Comics with Brian Durell features Just Sayin’, of course, by Dina Kelberman.

Letters by Adam Endres and Connor Kizer in which Publisher, Leg, and artist, Arm, argue about the quality of art and its meaning…to the death. A note to listeners some hilariously strong language appears in this skit.

Teaching We hear the musings of one slightly frustrated community college teacher as he tries to find common ground with his students.